The soul characteristic of strength, Gevurah in Hebrew, is a bit difficult to interpret. It can mean power or physical strength, but it also means restraint, discernment, or the ability to draw boundaries. For example, our immune system containing and destroying disease corresponds toGevurah. While we are often told to practice loving kindness, we need to acknowledge that we can over-extend ourselves in this area.
       Gevurah balances our desire to take care of others by creating boundaries. You might think of these traits south and north nodes, the balance of which supports our spiritual growth.
Desire and love are considered wonderful aspects of life by the Kabbalists, but not when unbridled. Living as a completely free spirit can become a form of enslavement if we do not have the strength to stand by our inner values, our need to say no. Life challenges us to turn our weaknesses into our strengths by drawing clear boundaries around our desires.
      Drawing boundaries is not necessarily considered positive in today’s world, and yet we know that regular over-indulgence can be dangerous. Strength means saying no to one more drink or one more unfullfilling love affair. Strength means creating and honoring our own sacred space and needs. Boundaries are a profound method of self-love and care.
       The need for strength in your life can show up in many different ways. Where do you need to draw a circle around yourself? What part of your life is draining you? Where are you afraid to say no? Use these questions as a guide to lovingly draw self-honoring boundaries around yourself and let me know how your life improves.


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  1. Love this, so true. The value of soft strength is so undervalued, in truth ‘soft strength’ is a wise strength.

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