Attract Honor by spreading it

The Kabbalists teach us that we embody and live the soul-trait of Honor (kavod in Hebrew) by treating everyone with respect and consideration. Honor is the ability to recognize a divine spark in others. When we see others through the lens of divine beauty, we appreciate their gifts, and they, in turn, appreciate ours.
So often we crave respect and recognition from others and spend our time “chasing honor.” If we have a significant imbalance in this spiritual trait we try to build honor by bragging or acquiring more titles and awards. In reality, we build honor by sharing and spreading it. If we have too little honor we might feel a sense of loss when others are recognized, rather than being happy for their success. However, if we have too much honor, we will consider other people less worthy of respect.
Honor can also refer to paying attention to the many small gifts in our lives. So often we find ourselves seeking fame and fortune and take for granted our health and loving friends. We might chase a prize and ignore our family. Our lives are made up of a chain of small moments and gifts that when honored create a stronger chain.
What we focus on grows. This week concentrate on honoring other people and the many gifts in your life. This might require you to slow down and notice the richness of your life. In fact, you might notice that you are richer than you think.
Please let me know what shifts in your world this week as you share and spread honor.

2 thoughts on “Attract Honor by spreading it

  1. This week’s thought is as if Dr. Robyn was looking inside my personal life, with a few specific events this past week opening up questions as to respect and honor. Uncanny how one finds solace in a personal way within a larger statement made to all. I will now revisit some of my past week’s perceptions with more distance… and clarity.

    1. I am so glad this resonated with you!

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