Magical Spider Accupunturist

A few days ago I found a spider bite on my foot. I am outdoors a great deal, so I was not surprised, and quickly coated it in bentonite clay to pull out any poison. Usually this trick works in a few hours and any itching or swelling disappears. But for some reason, three days later when I went in for a session with my acupuncturist the itch was still there, as was more clay. I pointed it out to her and she laughed and said that this was a point for high level spiritual growth. We both laughed about the spider acupuncturist.

As soon as we had this conversation something funny happened, the itching stopped. This made me wonder, what if the random bite was not so random?  Maybe I did need an acupuncture needle at that point, and the spider was the delivery method. And, if this small bite supports my soul’s growth, what other small things in m life, seemingly  inconsequential things, support my soul’s path.

I truly do not believe that everything happens for a reason that has to do with me. Some things happen because we are humans on a crowded planet. Some things happen because other people make choices, or because life is complex, or because the natural world has a pattern. However, I can always control how I interpret and respond to an event. So what would happen if I took every small inconvenience, every disappointment as a message, as an opportunity for my soul to grow?

For one thing, life becomes more entertaining and light hearted if am not focused on the meaning or lesson. Perhaps the universe has a sense of humor and is sending me a spider acupuncturist, or snake psychotherapist, or even a thunder and lightning exercise coach. And if the universe has a sense of humor, that least I can do is laugh along as I accept the message.

2 thoughts on “Magical Spider Accupunturist

  1. 😆😆 thank you Elisa, very good words of wisdom and I needed a laugh!

  2. Jennifer Murray Finch July 29, 2019 — 5:24 pm

    I was entertained by your spider accupunturist

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