Air flights change me

What is it about an approaching air flight makes me pause. It feels that I have moved “void of course” much like the moon between transits. In the air, I am between places and people and experiences and commitments. The world looks larger and smaller, more intense and yet less harsh. The sky goes on forever, and I wonder at night why I cannot see the milky way. Am I between the stars?

The many conversations I have had with spirit on my many flights make me wonder if I am closer to their energy in the air. But of course, it is just that I am halted from earthbound distractions and open to listening. Perhaps this is why I jitter and quiver before a flight. I do not fear flying, but the knowledge that I will be transformed in some way is a bit intimidating.

Not every flight changes me, but I seem to sense when one will. I tense a bit the day before and wonder if I can cancel my plans. Then the family or friends I am set to visit tell me how excited they are to see me, and I know that I am going no matter what. I think my spirit guides have a bit of a coyote sense of humor.

Tonight I will pull out my small travel bag because one should always travel light when chatting with spirit. Clothes will go in and come out as I  minimize the weight I feel like carrying, physically and spiritually. And in the end, I will travel with a bit less than the last trip. I wonder each time if I am brave enough to board a plane with nothing, open to creating an adventure from scratch at the other end. Not yet, but someday.

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  1. yes. Much like traveling years ago via hitch-hiking one has to adapt to just what is at hand and embrace it, rather than have the destination as the focus of the trip. being there and yet somewhat distant from what you are seeing. A different type of suspension than flying but equally as freeing, the lighter one travels.

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