Dark Journey

If love is a rose, loneliness is a bush of overgrown thorns that pierce through your skin every time you move. If love is a path toward wholeness, loneliness is a dark trail into an unknown forest filled with thunderous lightning.  If love is the answer, loneliness is the cliff that questions our existence.gateway

Maybe loneliness is a spiritual lesson, something that matches some bizarre journey of my soul. I should have known that my path would run contra-wise to most spiritual messages. My power animals are a better fit for a dark comedy than a warm and fuzzy spiritual journey. My spirit guides refuse to talk to any readers and are at times a bit rude when I try that route. Oh, and my book in the Akashic records is sealed. If none of that makes sense to you, don’t worry, it hardly makes sense to anyone. I should have paid attention when the girls around me wanted to be princesses and I wanted to be Mortica Addams.

OK, maybe that is a stretch, but all my guides are a bit dark, which can be overwhelming at times. So if you are blessed with a hawk or an eagle as a sacred bird, you might not want to stand next to me when I see a wake of buzzards. If your power animal is some sort of cuddly or fun mammal, from a whale to a tiger to a wolf, you might want to take a step back if you see a cauldron of bats coming my way. And please, avoid a rhumba of rattlesnakes at all costs, even if they look like they are dancing.

Honestly, I am not complaining. I love spirit guides dressed in black and silver, and dream journeys through Escher landscapes. Perhaps loneliness is a dark journey into love but away from the chains that we refuse. Some of us have to be gatekeepers of darkness or how would the rest of the world ever see their own light?

2 thoughts on “Dark Journey

  1. Anthony Moreno June 21, 2020 — 5:17 pm

    I to have a couple of spirit guides, one good and the other bad. They have both followed me from a very young age. However, what I think they both have been working to teach me something fundamental. What I have learned at this point in my life is that, no matter the paths my life has taken or how far I’ve traveled (physically and spiritually), what matters is how I’ve moved my heart.

    1. Thank you Anthony for sharing! I agree, what matters are the choices we make and how we move our heart.

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