Living Breathless

The song Breathless is haunting me, its lyrics and melodies wrapping around my heart.  The words “you leave me breathless,” echo through me, dancing with a longing that will not dissipate or disappear. I crave a life that moves in harmony with this dance in a lover’s arms or running free in wild surf and waves and wind.

Why is this so challenging? Perhaps voices from the past still haunt me or possibly am I still haunting myself. My fears are old companions who saved me in my past but hesitate to accompany me into the future. For so long solitude was my friend, saving me from betrayal and disappointment and treacherous surreptitious dangers.

I yearn for something I am afraid to desire and so choose to find solace in dreams of running away. Yet slowly I am remembering how to be effortlessly joyful, to laugh without explanation, and to explore without destination. I am remembering who I am meant to be as I step into the future I crave, leaving behind my self-judgments and guilt-laden memories. I open my arms and let life leave me breathless.

Let me know your thoughts!

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