Writing On the Loose

I refuse to focus on being accepted by the “in” crowd, expecting that having the most likes on social media will bring me fortune and glory. The popular table was a false trophy in school, and has tarnished with time. I am done trying to acquire some prescribed number of followers to prove that my work is worthy of being read or my words being heard. It is time to blow up the myth that illusionary internet popularity results in success.

There is a different way, however it requires the courage to step away from the trends and crowds. I have learned to find my validation when my heart and soul are aligned, not from mimicking the current fad. It is my aspiration to seduce my audience by embracing my authentic voice, rather than repeating empty echoes or variations on a worn-out theme on multiple social media platforms.

Writing has become a form of freedom, inspired from living by my own standards and rejecting acquired beliefs that have haunted and wounded me. This is dreaming, living, and writing On the Loose, unfettered and wild. And while I do hope that my words move readers, I am not writing for their joy, but for mine.

2 thoughts on “Writing On the Loose

  1. Marilyn Saltzman February 1, 2022 — 2:51 pm

    A hard and valuable lesson for us all

    1. Thank you!

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