Do Not be Domesticated

In a world full of judgments it has become difficult to say anything in public without outlandish results. A few weeks ago someone posted an opinion piece on social media and said “this is interesting.” When I responded in a way that disagreed with the article, that was not written by the person who posted it, I was suddenly inundated with aggressive accusations of rudeness.

Supporting vaccines (NOT requiring them of others) brings anti-vaxxers out in force. Using astrology as a mentoring tool is an insult to people who love Myers-Brigs and the Strengths inventory, and finds me accused of being too “woo-woo” even though I have a masters in a hard science and a PhD in psychology. Understanding that the life journey for a woman of color has challenges means I am called “woke,” a term that is not definable. Being pro-Israel means someone is going to call me a Zionist racist bigot. Being financially secure and charging for my services upsets the new-age spiritual group, while I am simultaneously hunted by coaches promising to help me build a six-figure business, and telling me I am not committed enough.

Basically I am too liberal and too conservative; too open minded and a bit of a racist; too spiritual but not Christian (I am Jewish and open to attack from all sides); worked too hard but had it too easy; and have built security, but should build more and feel a bit ashamed. Oh, and I should have had children to save the world which is overpopulated, and must misinterpret Jewish scriptures as an anti-abortion argument (did I mention my master’s in Jewish Studies?).

So again, going rogue seems to be the best course for me. I might never actually fit into a group, but then again I will not be domesticated. And I must confess that blending in has never been my life goal.

3 thoughts on “Do Not be Domesticated

  1. Bravo! Your post on being domesticated was spot on! What has our nation become where no difference of opinion is allowed? We have become “sheeple” to trend thought that most, has no basis in reason. I’ve been in Facebook jail in the last year more times than I can count on one hand. I’ve been chastised in retail stores, and told I am a “racist” in public policy meetings. When I point out that I am a person of color the attacks become more fierce! Your post has given me new energy to speak my mind, and try to educate those around me to seek out the truth rather than follow the herd.

  2. It is this type of diversity that keeps the world in balance. Sadly many pay the price for their contribution.

  3. Your wild woman self is an inspiration! Never domesticate

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