The Ocean Saved Me

It had been months since I walked on the beach. I ran to the shore and whispered to the sea “You saved my life” over and over again. Usually she talks to me, but this time words flowed from me without stopping.

“Through all my years it was you I ran to when life confused and overwhelmed me. You drained the emptiness from me, so the stars within me could shine and dance in balance with the dark. You kissed my soul and healed ancient wounds I did not know existed. You listened to the lyrical poems in my heart and sang them back to me so I could embrace them. You never felt judged, simply loved.”

With my feet deep in your foam, I cried tears of liberation, creating a space within myself, that at first was hollow, and then was filled with the true craving I was born to fulfill. The words “You washed away my bleakness so that I could breathe” flowed from my heart into the waves.

Perhaps she speaks to everyone, but only a few can understand her myths and riddles, her metaphors and rhymes. I always heard the ocean, felt her words intoning inside my mind, chanting in my heart, and wondered why others could not. And today when I asked why her words chose me, she answered that I chose to align my life with her melodic resonance. As a child I instinctively knew that there was no ocean without land, no stars without the dark of night, no music without silence.

Even though there is no evolution without struggle, the ocean taught me that the pain within me was never mine to endure, only to acknowledge as I healed ancestral wounds, watching them desiccate and wither, leaving only a sigh.  And now, when I danced on the shore and asked the ocean what I am to do next, she laughed and told me to follow the doors that open before me, to know that my soul-cravings will guide me to my own brilliant light.

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  1. Such beautiful, poetic passion in these words.

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