Becoming a butterfly…

As a caterpillar becomes a butterfly it goes through a liquid stage. It is the only way to allow that much change to occur and requires ultimate trust. Do not be afraid of being a liquid.

Imagine that one day after eating several delicious leaves you are moved to transform your life. No more crawling with multiple legs you think, no, I want to fly. You have no idea why you would want to do this, or how this transformation will actually take place. You have not had time to plan for a period of solitude so you have not charged up your kindle, downloaded any movies or books, or even scheduled coffee with friends for your before and after transformation chats.  But the urge is too great to ignore, so you find a good spot, hang upside down and start to weave a chrysalis.

Before long you find yourself safely tucked into a comfy new home, completely relaxed, but still wondering what you are supposed to do. And then you relax even more deeply, drift into a deep sleep and dream of melting into a dancing swirl of color. And then suddenly you awake and are aware that time has passed and something is very different. You have an intense need to rip open the chrysalis and escape into the air. You feel wet and weak, but you poke your head out of your safe temporary home and see the world in a way you have never seen it before. Where did these colors and scents come from? What is this breeze on your face? And what are these amazing appendages on your back? Wings? How did you grow wings?

You stretch them and shove yourself out of your chrysalis and find yourself growing stronger and more assured with each breath. You have forgotten your past in the excitement of the present moment. You fly away from all that tied you to an old life and joyfully embrace a new beginning.

And all it took was a bit of time as a liquid. Do not be afraid. This is a time of powerful transformation.


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