Do you have the courage to be yourself? The Kabbalists talk about courage as the ability to stand up in the face of our own fears and anxiety. They argue that the person indifferent to danger shows no courage, because courage involves overcoming feelings of trepidation. Courage is one of the greatest of all virtues, because it allows us to live all the other virtues in the face of condemnation from our peers.
It is easier to fit in, to walk away from our core of truth when those around us question our beliefs or actions. However if we are courageous we can release our rigid naiveté and accept that life is complex. We are always facing our own competing values. The literal truth is not always meant to be the victor. We need courage to use our judgment in the face life’s paradoxes.
We need courage to follow our inner compass to our real truth, and even more courage to walk that truth in the world. The Kabbalists talk about a strong heart as the kaleidoscope core of our inner being, one that allows us to defiantly move forward in the face of our own fears. We are told that in times of distress we should strengthen our heart, even if we stand at death’s door. The wounded lion still knows how to roar.
What does courage mean to you? Can you walk through your life proud of your scars and bruises and follow your own true north? Try this for a week and let me know what changes for you.

2 thoughts on “Courage

  1. This , by far , is the most insightful and helpful of all of ER’s recent published thoughts (all which are good). Sometimes when we get “advice or direction” it is valuable and strong, but we are less responsive to it, due to whatever is occurring in our life not creating a full connection. At times, however,like today’s thoughts, these type of projections resonate , proving comfort and assistance without the dogma of many religions or political beliefs. Knowing her over several decades, Er’s advice comes from not only training and academic research, as well as established approaches… but from a rich set of diverse life experiences which at this point for me, assists most effectively in validating her advice and helping me ground myself. her actions, combined with her words area unique weaving that is of tremendous benefit. Thanks for this week’s insights.

    1. Thank you so much Chuck!!

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