Faith comes and goes. We have faith minutes and non-faith minutes as we encounter pain or joy or challenges. Faith is not something that we hold, but something that we pursue in the hidden caves and corners of our lives, as well as in daily miracles. In fact there is no essential difference between that which we call miraculous and that which we call the natural world. This morning the sun rose and I awakened with another opportunity to live a life that matters. I drove to work and did not have an accident. Children went to school and learned to read. Babies were born and elders were cared for. All of those are also miracles. We find deep faith by living in awe of everyday things.
The Hebrew word for faith, “emunah” comes from the word meaning firm or supported. It is often used to describe a crafts-person who is firm and secure in a set of skills. So the definition of faith, according to the kabbalists, is related to a firmness or loyalty to the truth in one’s life. Emuna means to be appointed with a task and to faithfully carry it out with responsibility, integrity, dedication and strength. So faith occurs when we are loyal friends, or walk with integrity in our life.
Consider doing “faithfulness” rather than having faith. Look around and be amazed by this awe inspiring world.
This alone will make you both strong and kind.
Let me know how this influences your life this week

3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. AN especially interesting and relevant topic that has become more to the forefront for me personally, as I grow older. One’s early / adolescent years in which “faith” was seemingly nothing but a forced dogma now requires a re-visitation of the core of why so many generations have found substance in this. Especially the oft used term “grace” along with this faith makes one ponder the most simple things that daily are offered, and in today’s saturated culture seem to be missed by so many. These topics continue to become a valuable weaving that Dr. Robyn is providing to us.

    1. Thank you Chuck. I am glad these posts are meaningful for you.

  2. To consider faith as an act of doing instead of just being makes the concept more tangible to and for me. I have often questioned if I had enough faith for this, that or the other, and what that would amount to or equate to in my world. The idea of having enough, or not having enough, to get the “what I think I should get because I think I have more than enough” can make the concept of faith seem acts or practices driven. To embrace it as something I can do each day then empowers me to define it for self. Then I am not waiting for validation from others I deem more “faithful” than me.

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