It might seem that I am writing about different characteristics each week, however in reality they are all connected through the middah of truth. The word truth in Hebrew is spelled with the first, middle and last letter of the alphabet. This tells us that truth encompasses all the wisdom teachings, from beginning to end.
What blocks us from living our truth? Lying or living at odds with our soul level values. This happens when we are out of alignment with our own spiritual truth. We often have to dig deep to find the reason we are out of balance. Perhaps we have given up our connection to humility, or trust, or willingness. No two people are the same, so there is no one source for the malady of falsehood. Perhaps we have just forgotten that honesty not only means to not lie, but also to tell the truth.
Perhaps we have forgotten to stay silent when we do not know an answer. We might hide behind our need to be seen as wise or well informed. Often our busy lives and constant interaction with others numbs us to our own inner truth, and we speak without thinking.
Or perhaps we remain silent when we should speak up. The pathway of truth can feel difficult or frightening. We hold back speaking the truth so that we will not be judged or ostracized.
What would happen if we embraced truth for a week? We might remain silent when we do not know the answer, or perhaps when we know we are about to lie. And yet we might be brave enough to speak up when our voice needs to be heard. Truth rebuilds our inner spiritual connection. This week try living your truth in a way that does not penalize others and please, let me know how what shifts for you.

2 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Silence, like all the middot, is a balancing act. Love how you challenged us to embrace truth through silence.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Marylin!

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