Trust yourself

In many ways the trait of trust defines how we act in the world. When we examine what we trust we find the truth of the beliefs we rely on. Are you able to trust yourself even in the face of your own limitations and fragilities? It is time to trust in your own purpose and intuition.
The kabbalists tell us that using our Intuition is seeing with the soul. Regardless of our plans and preparation, our journey will be challenging when we ignore our intuition. Trusting in the invisible hands that guide us, whatever we call those, keeps us open to detours and course changes. Trusting the still small voice that calls to us from our future allows us to embrace the life we want to create.
However intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. When we make decisions from doubt and fear we are pushing our intuition to the side. Over time the source of our inner wisdom may become very difficult to find.
You can wake up that voice and hear it loudly again. Begin by removing yourself from the equation; it is so very hard to read for yourself. Rather open your sense of empathy for the other people involved. This will help you focus on what is true for them at this moment. You may not like what you find, but this is part of learning to trust. The answers do not always match our desires. In the end it is trusting your inner wisdom, whatever the source, that opens your wings as you step into the unknown.
Practice trusting yourself this week. Let me know how this influences your decisions and life course.

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  1. Perfect timing for me. Again.

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