Create your own New Year

What is it about turning the last calendar page of the year that creates such a sense urgency for change and transformation? Every month we turn a calendar page without excitement or planning. Perhaps we mark the change from one season to the next, but usually without parties, champagne, dropping balls, or count downs. And yet, December 31st inspires us to dress up and party at least until midnight, sigh with relief over a year ended, and set new goals and aspirations for the year ahead. And then we move forward as if nothing occurred, abandoning our plans and resolutions.

Why? Because nothing internal changed. We tried to use out mind to change our lives, when in reality change comes from deep within our core. We cannot think a new way forward and succeed, we must crave and desire and yearn for a different life. Our thoughts are powerful, but only if they are in alignment and driven by our gut-level desire. It is the deep desire to change, the deep core level belief that we can be someone different that results in epigenetic changes. Cell level changes. Biological changes. Forever changes.

These  shifts rise within us when the unpredictability of life intervenes and, without any warning, our redirects our plans and direction. We change because the urge overwhelms us and drowns our fears. We change because it is terrifying to refuse our inner craving. We change because we are answering the still small voice that cannot be refused and leads us to a new life and our best self.

If this voice is awake and calling to you as you turn the calendar page, listen to it. If however you are planning a change from guilt or shame or the belief that you are supposed to change, just turn the page. If you yearn for a different life, a new beginning, a transformation, listen to the rumblings in your solar plexus, listen to your heart. While the journey may not be simple, it will unfold before you, starting an unplanned personal new year.

Let me know your thoughts!

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