What would the world be like if each of us daily practiced the soul trait of Chesed, acts of loving-kindness? When we act in a new way we build neural pathways in our brain that change our sense of self, our understanding of the world around us. The changes in our brain cause us to see the world differently, and actually become a new person. The more we perform acts of loving-kindness, the more loving and kind we become. When we treat the world and people around us with love and kindness we create a world we want to live in.
Chesed is deeper than the “golden rule” since it means to proactively act for the honor and dignity of another person. When we treat a person with Chesed we smile at strangers, hold our tempers when we are delayed by a long line or traffic. Loving-kindness means listening deeply and speaking from a place of understanding the compassion. Chesed means rather than telling someone they can call us if they need anything, we would reach out and offer support and comfort to those in pain without being asked.
This week focus inwardly and ask your heart to joyfully and generously sharing your love. Then put that spirit into action. This week make a phone call, send a card, or visit a friend. Patiently wait your turn in line and smile at a parent holding a crying baby. Walk through the week sharing loving-kindness and your world will be transformed, internally and externally. And of course, let me know what profound changes your experience.

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  1. yes. Definitely a new word/ term for me, building nicely off of the golden rule. As I choose to tell others of this, and hopefully implement this ,pragmatically, how do I properly pronounce this term.?

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