Embrace just a bit of organization

How do you keep your life in order? Kabbalah teaches us that each soul or neshamah has its own life lessons and journey. Each of us is in or out of balance in a unique way. The soul trait of order, or Seder, is about walking in the middle way between extremes. Too little order leads to chaos, while too much creates rigidity. The goal of this soul trait is to create enough freedom for change and spontaneity while simultaneously providing a firm foundation that we do not have to think about.
When we live with a sense of order in our lives, however we define it, we simplify our lives. We might file our paperwork under our laundry, but we know where it is and do not have to search for it. We might have everything filed alphabetically and date stamped, but this frees us to have wild adventures. You will balance this soul trait in different areas of your life in your own unique way.
The first step is to decide if you have too much or too little order in an aspect of your life. If you lean toward having too little, then pick one small area to focus on. For example, you might wash the dishes after you eat, or start using a calendar. If you lean toward having too much order in your life, try practicing a bit of trust. Perhaps that spontaneous opportunity is the universe inviting you into a wonderful future.
Creating order is a gift you give yourself. When you are walking the middle way between chaos and rigidity you feel safe, secure and open to opportunities. You can find your car keys when you are ready to head out on an adventure. Take one small step this week and let me know what changes in your life.

2 thoughts on “Embrace just a bit of organization

  1. As someone who heavily considered professional organization as a career, this entry spoke to me. Recently, I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. While I don’t agree entirely with everything she purports, it was a phenomenal read to remind us that decluttering our homes and our stuff has the effect of decluttering our mind as well.

    1. Thanks for connecting those dots! I am glad you found the article helpful.

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