This week I have been challenged to embrace the soul trait of Trust, and it has been a struggle. Trust requires me to remember that I am not in control of most things. I am writing this from a very rainy San Diego at the end of a vacation full of cancellations and adventures. My flight from Denver was delayed due to a sick flight attendant, but I made it. The next day, in the rain, my BFF and I took the train to Santa Barbara, one of my favorite places for a short trip. We woke up to wild winds and rain, which closed the highways in both directions. By midday, the sun was out, but the train home was canceled. We needed to get back so we rented a car and prepared for a long drive, but suddenly the 101 south was opened, so we made it through and drove back to San Diego.
The next day started rainy, but turned beautiful as we walked on the beach. And then, wait for it, my flight home to Denver was canceled due to two sick flight attendants. And of course today is raining, and I can only get a late flight out.
The goal for me this week is to let go of worry and control, to accept that I need to be flexible with the unexpected events in my life. The reality is that we often worry about things that never happen, and perhaps miss opportunities by fighting against unpredictability.
 There is a balance of course. If I have too little trust, I will struggle to control the world around me, squandering my energy. If I trust too much I will be reckless or practice blind obedience. There is an old saying that we should trust in G-d/Allah/universe, but tie our camel. Yes, I trust the universe, and yes I lock my doors.
Join me in surrendering expectations about the outcomes. When your mind starts to spin, take a deep breath and tell yourself that whatever happens, you will be able to handle it. You don’t need to do anything dramatic – just take one small step outside of your comfort zone. And as always, let me know what this changes in your life.

Let me know your thoughts!

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