Crossroads of Wisdom and Desire

Life sometimes shifts when we least expect it to. Do you ever feel like you are dancing to repeating rhythms and melodies, songs that haunt you and at times retreat into the dark? And then suddenly, without fuss, you find yourself at that wondrous crossroads of wisdom and desire where spirit speaks to you. A place so sensual and seductive that you have no choice but to let your soul awaken and dance to a different beat?
Perhaps this is the gift of spring, the rebirth of our mojo, our “muchness” as the Mad Hatter said to Alice. As the days grow longer and the cold retreats we explore a world full of options and opportunities. We shake off the illusions and scars that never defined us and make choices based on desire and wisdom, an unbeatable combination. Winter warns us that the world is dangerous and cold, but spring invites us to dive into our desires with passion and laughter and a bit of grace. Maybe it is the wind that blows through our now open windows or the scent of wildflowers that distract us from our fears. All we know is that life is calling and we must answer.
The crossroads is a meeting place where the voice of the universe speaks to us, reminding us that we will never really lose our craving for life and the touch of wildness on our hearts. Wisdom and desire are intertwined and promise to be our guides. This is where I have found myself, dancing at the crossroads with just enough fear to know that an adventure awaits. Perhaps it is the trip I am planning, or maybe it is love just beyond the bend in the path. Or best of all, perhaps I am about to meet my own powerful self, a part of me I was afraid had frozen in the past. If I am truly lucky, it will be all of these and more.
Do you feel the adventure of life calling to you? It does not take much to respond. Open the door and put your feet on a trail or a beach, or perhaps a dance floor.
Spread your arms and twirl in the sunshine, letting your hair tangle and swirl. Stop guarding your heart and start embracing love. Everything you desire is here because you are standing where desire and wisdom, love and passion, clarity and sensuality meet.

Let me know your thoughts!

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