Ocean walking

Come to me she said and I will heal your heart. Come to me she said, and I will wash all your wounds and cleanse your spirit. So I took my broken parts to the sea, walked in her waves, and let her song heal my soul. I walked my story along her shore. When I returned I belonged only to myself.

The ocean speaks in heart echos and soul songs without words. Only feelings and senses and energy and dreams that fill any open spaces with laughter and love. I dance down the shore adding a few tears to the salty surf and feel renewed and often reborn. My body relaxes and heals while my spirit expands. All that exists is the present moment, and it is wonderful.

We all have a place that sings to us. Where do you go to heal your soul? Do you walk in the woods or curl up in a library? Meditate in a field or run trails? Or perhaps you have a hidden garden that calls to you or a rocky outcrop embraces you. Find that place that soothes your bruises, where you feel understood and accepted, where your heart opens and sings, and spend time there. Remember that you are a pure soul having a sensual physical experience that will mend your broken places.

Let me know your thoughts!

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