Thank you from my power

Thank you men in my life for being afraid of me. Perhaps you will see yourself in these words as I thank you for telling me you were terrified of me, or for ghosting me, or for just drifting away. I knew you were truly afraid of your own feelings when you started to shake as we spoke. I saw my power reflected in your eyes, so thank you. I never meant for my power to overwhelm you, and I am sure you did not expect to be afraid. And so tempted.

It is true that deep soul level sensuality is seductive and frightening. And yes, I walk through this world firmly in my power, strongly and completely sure of who I am and what I want. I told you all of this, but most of you have rarely, if ever, met a woman fully embracing her core. So of course you were afraid, though you still might deny this is true.

No, you do not get credit for helping me find my power or my sensuality, but you still deserve a thank you. One of you told me that I was a force of nature with amazing  mojo. One of you reminded me that holding hands and laughing can be magical. A few of you told me that I am brilliant and unique and my writing is amazing. And several of you added that I am beautiful and unforgettable. Thank you.

Perhaps I discovered a buried secret. Gratitude lies at the center of true sensual power. And the power of this intimate self-connection is not only seductive, but can be startling, even frightening. It is an expression of inner freedom. Perhaps my presence and perfume cast a spell on you, one you cannot easily out-run or forget. I hope your memory of me fills you with gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Thank you from my power

  1. You know what you want, that is what you aim for, and you aren’t willing to settle for less. That is true power.

  2. You are a goddess Dr. Robyn!

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