Let go, Move on

Often we continue to torture ourselves through self-blame, rumination, or a need to find the why. This philosophy reminds us that everything might happen for a reason, but that reason is not always about us. Plane engines need repair work, weather is unpredictable, people change their minds, and our days do not always go as planned.

There is a Japanese philosophy called Shikata Ga Nai, which “don’t keep complaining, move on from it.” In essence we are being told to let go, accept what we cannot change and do our best to move forward. If it snows on a day you want to travel, take a deep breath. Ease up, Let it go. This cannot be helped. The same is true of a travel delay, or a work decision that you do not agree with.

Letting go can be freeing, but often feels challenging. We believe in our hearts that we were supposed to have that job or promotion or relationship. How do we let go of something that we crave? By accepting that not everything is about us. Imagine sailing and encountering shifting winds and waves. The ocean is just being the ocean. She is not punishing us. She might, however, be teaching us to get our “sea legs” and adjust to the rocking of the ship.

Let me know your thoughts!

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