Embrace your sadness

I woke up sad today for no special reason. My eyes opened and I felt a heaviness in my heart and solar plexus. The day looked a bit blue, and I decided to embrace the color and feelings without judgment. After many years I have finally accepted sadness and loneliness are just a part of life. Emotional pain is real. We are not more or less spiritual, more or less evolved, more or less successful when we are sad. We are in fact being truly human.

Several traditions teach us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The point is to dig deep into the experience, into the emotions, into life. And sometimes when we dig deep we find our wounds. Perhaps we cry for no apparent reason and then feel obligated to apologize as if having an emotion is inappropriate or rude.

Wounds are tender and teach us that at times we need to treat ourselves with tenderness and kindness. Sometimes I cannot bear one more motivational talk or set of inspiriting affirmations. Sometimes I just want a friend to say “I understand” or “that must be hard” and to let me know that I am not alone. Sometimes I just want someone to walk beside me and acknowledge that the weights I carry are heavy for me, without comparing me to anyone else. Sometimes I do not want to hear how lucky or strong or resilient I am. I just want someone to tell me it is OK to cry.

Let me be that voice for you today. It is OK to sing and dance and embrace joy in life. It is also spiritual and wise to embrace your own sadness and tears. Cry until you are dry without apology or judgment. It is another way to live fully.




Let me know your thoughts!

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