Against All Odds

Have you lived a life of achieving against all odds, success in spite of the cards you were dealt? I noticed this pattern in my life and realized that this explains my reoccurring bouts of exhaustion. Every time I donned my very familiar armor, lifted my sword and shield, felt that mixture of exhilaration and exhaustion, I found myself wondering if there was a better way.

It is true that I would not have accomplished quite as much in my life if I had not been willing to fight. I am glad that I am willing to stand up against evil. And many of my battles made a small part of the world a better place for those who followed me. However, along that way, I learned to change the metaphor from warrior to the kabbalistic notion she-who-crosses. The word for Hebrew is Ivrit, which translates as beyond, other side, or across. This suggests that rather than warriors we are being asked to cross rivers and bridges and chasms and perhaps even seas that split open before us.

When we are seen crossing over or moving through and beyond, people are encouraged to follow us. We leave behind all that no longer serves us and walk into new beginnings and opportunities. Perhaps we have to battle our own fears, but this does not require a sword. Perhaps we need to fight against our old patterns, but this does not require a shield. And trust me, armor will only weigh us down and keep our feet caught in the currents.

Courage and resiliency do not always require that we wear the mask of a warrior. We can lead the way through rough waters and show others that the journey, while frightening, is possible. And in fact, that act of personal courage is often all we need to transform our lives.

Let me know your thoughts!

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