A time machine for the future

Last night I dreamed that I awoke in my dorm, a 20-year old college senior, and remembered everything about this life. I realized that I could make completely different choices and change my future. I immediately knew several conversations I would have, what I would now say yes to and what I would let drift away. I would rewrite my life without the painful parts.

But then I started thinking about my current best friends, and how I would have to arrange to meet them in this alternative reality. Would I earn a Ph.D., live in Colorado, or meet my spiritual teachers? And while I might avoid certain pain points, but if my soul needed those types of experiences to grow, there would be other painful times. That was when I realized that even though I knew what would not happen, I had no idea what would happen. How would these different choices play out? Hindsight is really pretty blurry.

So what would happen if I ran out and said yes where I had said no? Who would I help and who would be lost. And of course, even though I might know what investments to make, would I have a better life? And then it all came clear. Life is simply a series of choices. There are no mistakes, no wrong directions, no dead-ends. And in fact, while I cannot change the past, I can change the future by saying yes to life now.

I choose to open my heart to a future full of adventure and even a kind of wild love that will light up my soul like the Milky Way or Aurora Borealis in the wilderness. I can say yes to passion and being a bit dangerous and starting my own business and living a seductive life. I can say yes to being fully alive today. Time machines might not be available on Amazon Prime, but they are in my life. I have the courage to re-write my future and so do you.

Let me know your thoughts!

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