Summer night changes

The warm night wind caressed my cheeks as the music and dancing lights filled my soul in this pace surrounded by rocks and open to the star-filled sky. The songs called to me from the past and yet urged me forward with words and rhymes and rhythms and melodies that I remembered, even if I had never known them. Perhaps this is the gift of every great musician, to hypnotize and entice, to remind and seduce.

He sang songs of my heart and his verses filled my eyes and ran down my face.“When we made love you used to cry. I love you like the stars above I’ll love you till I die” echoed from the red stones and blended with the purple stage lights. The lights faded and shifted to a brilliant blue as he whispered, “ there should be sunshine after rain, there will be laughter after pain” and I could only cling tightly to these words as I would a prayer.

I had not meant to be so moved by this last summer concert at Red Rocks. The plan really was to laugh and dance and just enjoy the night. And that did happen, though I laughed through my tears as I felt the joys and pains of the last few years. All of the ways I have been loved and left, praised and rejected, embraced and abandoned drifted into the night sky. I watched them float away and felt that wondrous emptiness that signals a new beginning.





1 thought on “Summer night changes

  1. Music is so powerful! Here’s to new beginnings.

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