Gifting myself with romance

This might be the season of Scorpio passion, but I find myself craving romance. And OK, yes, a bit of passion, but only if it is wrapped in romance. We always think about someone else romancing us, but since there is no one in my life to provide this service, I have decided that I will have to romance myself. Of course, this is much like casting a spell, drawing to me everything that I crave. So I am gifting myself with passionate romance and using this to weave a web of seduction around me, drawing the love I crave into my life.

There is no one right way to do this. Passion does not have to include sexy clothes and romance is not about Valentine’s Day. The color red does not need to dominate, cheesy love songs do not need to fill our ears, and we do not need to go into debt. Passion is about being profoundly authentic with ourselves, walking in our power without fear or apology. Romance is anything that softly fills our heart and quietly answers a longing in our souls. Imagine a warm hand slowly running down your arm, or a deep resonate voice whispering the words “I am proud of you” and feeling full and a bit adored. That is romance, and guess what, you can warm yourself and whisper those words to yourself. You can climb in bed and wrap yourself in your own arms, as well as a comforter you love and feel a bit decadent and very loved. And draw someone else’s arms to you.

Romance lives deep inside you and craves expression. You might find yourself writing or painting, dancing or playing music, running or reading poetry among the trees. You might find the perfect poet’s blouse, or wear something that matches the sea. As long as you walk with passion and romance you will seduce it into your life. And love answers when we call with our romantic, passionate soul.





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