Love dancing with spirit


Have you ever had the feeling that magic and love were starting to dance around you, like a spiral of slowing swirling colors, inviting your soul into this seductive rhythm? You step forward and feel love and spirit intertwine, pulling you close and wrapping you in powerful arms. And you melt into this invisible comfort.

This dance surprises at times, showing up randomly and without fanfare or warning. Suddenly I find myself embraced in warm strength, perhaps with a whisper near my ear or my heart, or swept into a romantic tango. Perhaps I am lighting Shabbat candles, overcome by the losses and betrayals of the past few years when I am embraced with a swaying motion. Perhaps I am at the theater, overcome by the stagecraft and music when I feel the warmth up and down my spine as arms wrap around mine. Or perhaps it is a wild night and I am in bed listening to the frightening storm when I know I am not alone.

I have no idea where this dance comes from or what message it holds. Maybe it is the energy of all the loves in my life, coalescing to protect me, or a memory sent from someone who still loves me, or someone I am about to meet. But in all honesty, it does not matter who or where this comes from or where it might lead. Someone is reaching out to comfort me in the darkness of the night and the hollowness of my heart. All I need do is embrace this love in return, thank it, and know that love is finding me.

Let me know your thoughts!

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