Do you wander in your dreams?



Do you wander through landscapes in your dreams? This week I have walked through vaguely familiar buildings and forests, seeing people I used to know or love. The ways are circuitous and wondrous, confusing and enlightening. The messages are a bit mythic and metaphorical. It might be the season or the many changes in my life, but my dreams seem to be guiding me from a past I have outgrown to a future I have been craving.

I can feel earth’s waves shifting under me as my soul aligns with the world in front of me. The last three years have taught me to release useless emotions and karmic ties, toss out old clothing and definitions, and leave behind restrictions and cultural norms. I have tightened my sails and am on a close haul, traveling almost into the wind. Even the water beneath my me is changing color from the darkest of blue to the brilliant Mediterranean turquoise. I feel lighter yet fuller, excited yet calm. And honestly, amazed at what I have accomplished.

I have been focused on creating and building for so many years that arriving almost makes me dizzy. In a good way. And a scary way. And a seductive way. There is no turning back, and actually, the thought makes me laugh. I am not who I was, and in fact, maybe I never was that person. Perhaps the universe took me seriously when I offered to put my soul out on long term lease if I could just build the future I needed. Well, the lease is up, my soul is happily home, and my wildness has emerged. Looking for werewolves to join me for a good run, or maybe a wild sail under a full moon.



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