Darkness leads to our inner light

There is a darkness inside most of us that we turn away from, ashamed or fearful of our own deep hidden spaces. We might deny they exist and spend our time living “lite” in our happy places as if a spiritual life requires a continuous joyful smile. Perhaps we worry that no one will love us if we embrace our dark side. Perhaps we fear we will be unable to love ourselves.

But it is the darkness that leads to our greatest light. In the same way that our deepest wound often gives birth to our great inspiration, and our oldest secrets open doors to honesty and authenticity. The power of finding these spaces can be frightening, a true shamanic journey. Not a sanitized version we experience in a two-hour workshop or one day trip to a sacred site. But an almost terrifying rollercoaster ride into places we only knew in nightmares. And yet, these journeys give our life meaning. We release waves of energy when we melt our internal demons, releasing us from our imagined boundaries in a glorious explosion of strength and power.

The road is scary, so take my hand and walk with me into the darkness. We will walk into the center of the fire, the darkest part of the flame that moves from black to brilliant blue. Your soul will do the same as it dances in the transformative heat and rejoices in unimagined freedom.

Let me know your thoughts!

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