You are never “done”

Are you willing to never be done? To never be done learning, growing, trying, sharing, falling and rising, laughing and crying, challenging and comforting? Are you willing to expand into and embrace change with each breath? This is the secret to living forever young.

This notion came to me as I wandered through the Monet exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. Monet produced over 2000 works of art during his life, pursuing his craving to express the world of color and texture in a personally authentic way. He grew in his use of paint and color and brush strokes, pushing the limits of impressionism which opened the door to the world of modern art. It was not his intention to change the world. He was following a soul level desire to give expression to his experience of the dance of light and water and form. Yes, his paintings are wonderful, but it is his story that inspires me.

My life is blessed with several friends who continue to follow the third star on the left that calls them into the next adventure. They add kindling to the fire in me to create yet another encore career, a new avocation, and to try to inspire this renaissance of spirit in others. They have taught me there is no reason to ever be done, bored with life, or eternally empty.

This is a powerful element of true prosperity; the ability to live fully in a world of possibilities and opportunities and new adventures. And perhaps the pathway to this way of life is to find a way to express our inner journey and share our experience in whatever medium calls us. Open your mind to the myriad of ways that you can give voice to your authentic self. Trust that you can walk in this world without apology or fear. Let this, like Monet, be your legacy; a gift of spiritual courage.

Let me know your thoughts!

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