The divine dance of Seduction


I wonder if seduction has such a negative reputation because it is one of the strongest forms of manifestation. Seduction requires that we align our life with our soul’s craving, and discard everything that no longer serves us. This creates a sacred emptiness within us, an inner holy-of-holies that calls out to that which we desire. Seduction invites and entices our deepest most secret dreams into our lives.

Of course, emptiness can be dangerous. We might rush to fill it with someone or something that serves a short term purpose, and then find ourselves unwilling or unable to extricate ourselves. Emptiness is uncomfortable, and we interpret discomfort as a message to turn around and stop our journey. It takes courage to blend our physical and spiritual worlds, to live in seductive sensuality.

I have been told I am too passionate, and that my spiritual messages need to be less seductive and more academic in nature. More information and less sensuality. But I have embraced being seductive, even though it intimidates some people. I am creating space in my life for experiences and relationships that resonate with my soul and linking them together in a divine dance. Most importantly I am manifesting the life I want from my source of desire, from my soul’s craving, and experiencing the rapture of being alive.

Let me know your thoughts!

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