Time is Silent

Time is silent in my life. Yes, there are scheduled zoom meetings and phone calls and chores, but the hours and days breathe into one another. Every inhale and exhale separated by a silent pause of anticipation and wonder, in a continual cycle of awakening. Perhaps the earth has gone retrograde, moving us backwards into ourselves as we revisit all we have created. Perhaps we are living in a time machine, one that bends time and space around us as we enter and transform in our own chrysalis

While my view of the future slowly shifts moment by moment, my view of yesterday has become crystal clear. Why did I cry when I lost something I no longer needed? Why did I cling to tattered romanticized memories that did not serve me? What was the use of any of that old empty anger or resentment? I have everything I need now, and it is clear that what I do not have I do not need.  The future feels like a softly rotating kaleidoscope displaying previously hidden colors and themes.

Perhaps like the caterpillar I have turned into a liquid as I let my body reform around my wings. I will emerge from this time so very different than who I was when I entered.  Joyfully, deliberately, and purposefully different, I will flex new wings and become a force of nature.


7 thoughts on “Time is Silent

  1. Love it! May your wings bring you on great journeys. Thanks for your help today. I got my RSS feed set up this evening 🙂

    1. Awesome!!!

  2. I think it was Sophocles that said, ” I have no desire to suffer twice, in reality and then in retrospect.” Hindsight is always 20/20 we just have to learn and take the lesson to heart.

    1. Thank you for your insight Anthony

  3. From Artist Charles Parson

    Your thoughts this week for me are very, very strong .

    I like to feel that I am a person who has a portion of his personality that is definitely thoughtful, contemplative and reflective. Especially using the vehicle of art to sift through these previous times in my 71 years of being on this earth. I have found soon after times of severe challenges in my life a period of reflection starts to put things into a sense of order. This has almost always resulted in a series of artworks that speak to the most recent encounter… but time needs to do its work.

    This particular perspective you have sent out definitely has triggered a deeper point from which to contemplate . I find myself, starting this week off, moving towards a philosophical shift into a new approach which is unique for me ( does age affect this ?). My pattern of separation to contemplate, after the fact has been broken; as in still being immersed in this new “normal” that our culture is sharing. This particular writing has me thinking long and hard on a different level and I find a pause that is contemplative, shared with a pragmatic stance of making marks in time (art) while still involved in the challenge… a unique combination for me.

    Thanks for this extra special nudge in experiencing life. I’d love to talk more in the future about this.

  4. It funny how our thoughts travel in similar ways. I have contemplating much of the same lately. Thank you for helping me put it into words.

    1. Thank you for sharing this Jennifer

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