Fear and Faith

Last week I revisited the crossroads of wisdom and desire and realized that these paths do not diverge. They intertwine and in a lover’scanyon tango, moving apart and together on a mystical path.  The haunting music led me to another crossroads where I found faith and fear staring coldly at each other. I stood there and listened to the music fade and watched fear watch faith as faith watched me. Or perhaps the watching went the other way around. And there we were, trapped and unable to sway or move or even reach out for help.

So there I stood wondering why fear is paralyzing and faith is angry when they could dance like wisdom and desire. Was I afraid to move forward into the life I had seduced and manifested? I had asked for this quest, for this new beginning that would open the gates to my own almost forgotten wild self, and now I was frozen in place. Was it because the first gateway presented me with fear and faith as companions?

Maybe changing their names would help. If I call them Stone and Light will they create a sacred grand canyon of beauty? Perhaps I should name them Gold and Light and they will raise a holy city in a holy place. Or perhaps simply Oak and Willow, and ask them to choreograph a dance of resilience.

Or perhaps it was up to me to take one courageous step forward through the river of my painful doubts, empty burdens, and ancient wounds. Maybe just one step would split the river, open the pathway into the future, and change fear and faith into Awe and Trust. Then together with Wisdom and Desire we can spiral dance into my soul’s craving.


2 thoughts on “Fear and Faith

  1. This piece is brilliant. So poetic and poignant, and true.

  2. Anthony Moreno May 25, 2020 — 8:25 am

    Such a true reflection. Life is about risk but for almost all of us with any risk, there is always something at stake, We hate to lose what we have but that step or movement forward is empowering.

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