The law of Seduction

cropped-elisa3-2-1.jpgIt is probably a metaphysical felony to admit that I struggle with the law of attraction, but it is the truth. It is not the notion that troubles me, but all the rules that supposedly make this work. Make sure you are specific. OK, I attract all the money I need to pay my bills….NO…now you are focusing on your bills. OK…I am a money magnet and attract money everyday….NO… too vague. OK…what about I swim in abundance and am surrounded by money and wealth.  Not bad, but a little greedy. Honestly, I did not resonate with that last one anyway since it was way too sugary. If I cut to the chase and say that I love making money and building wealth, I will be judged rather venal in the current world of spiritual development.

But it is true. I do love those things and the many ways I can use money to help others. But still, that short sentence does not evoke feelings of connection or strength or love. I felt nothing.

Which is when I discovered that there is another way to manifest the life I want. I call it the law of seduction. There is nothing mental about this, and no perfect affirmation is needed. This manner of manifestation comes from deep within you and will draw what you truly crave.

I have been told I am too passionate, dangerous, ruthless, mysterious, and yes too seductive. Men have told me they are afraid of me, that I get “carried away.” So sad. I have embraced all those lovely words. Perhaps people are afraid of my innate ability to cut away what I do not desire, what is not in alignment with my authentic self, and draw in what moves my soul. I create a sacred void that entices everything I desire to join me.

So far I have not yet faced a metaphysical firing squad, but in this year of the Twilight Zone, anything is possible. Even the seduction of a soul mate and an amazingly profitable business.

1 thought on “The law of Seduction

  1. Been through the same thoughts as in the 1st paragraph. What is good and resonates? And if too strong, it feels negative… does one negative equal ten positives and negate them all? Seduction has a gentle quality to it.

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