Wild Wind

I was born a wild wind into a family that was afraid of storms. The child of a volcano and churning ocean, I swirled and danced into the sky. Then, in a flash of poetry, water and fire dropped away, and I emerged ready to live an untamed life. My eyes opened and I saw a world determined to train and restrain me.

My wild spirit has been caged and tossed and rejected and chained, and sometimes put on display, but rarely truly loved. Every desire I had was analyzed, evaluated and usually rejected and opposed. I even frightened those who loved me to fill their sails or lift their wings. Wildness is deeply seductive, and the power of the wind is a siren song. There were those who craved a taste of my wildness. And yet, they too grew afraid of loving the spirit of the wind.

To survive I learned to hide in deep caves, and to take many forms, to rarely reveal my true self. But wild winds cannot be constrained by the will of others. And so I left the restrictive places that masqueraded as safety, following my soul’s craving for something I could not define. But I almost lost myself. I had to forget what I had become so I could remember who I always was. Gladly, I stripped off the bindings I had accepted in order to earn my way, and walked naked, arms spread wide, into my power.

And there, naked and alone, I saw myself reflected back in the mirror of the darkest night. I heard the furthest planet sing my true mystic name. All my dreams stretched out like ocean waves before me, and I realized that the pain of the past had never really mattered,

4 thoughts on “Wild Wind

  1. Just wanted you to know I read this and like it! <3

    1. Thank you for letting me know!

  2. This piece is completely beautiful, soul stirring, it spoke to the pieces of myself that far too often are ignored and avoided. It is not only a song of poetic beauty, it is a call, a reminder of the wild within us all.

    1. Thank you! So glad this speaks to you.

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