Ocean Yearning

How difficult to yearn so strongly for the emotional safety of the ocean and yet feel restrained from traveling to her by fear of illness or disaster. My feet need to feel her heartbeat in the mixture of sand and surf. My heart needs to feel her sensual caress while her words echo in my soul.

Come to me she will say, offering to heal my heart. Come to me, and I will wash all your wounds and cleanse your spirit. My broken parts crave the sea, crave walking in her waves and letting her song heal my soul. I have often walked my story along her shore, and each time when I return, I belong only to myself.

How frustrating to know the cure, but be unable to reach it. How tempting to buy a one-way ticket and simply never come back, just fly to the one love I always trusted, the one embrace that never deserted me. Perhaps I need to join a witness-protection-program that will wipe away my past and guarantee my place by the sea.  I have filled my summer by hiking with rocks and kayaking in lakes and riding my bike along creeks and rivers, and yet, my soul cannot ignore the call of the wild waves and unpredictable currents.

Will you join me in a starlight tango swaying with the music of the tides? Are you brave enough to embrace me while the glowing foam surrounds us in the dark of night? You will find my heart there, bathing in the ocean’s ruthless mysteries, her seductive danger, and her ever present love.

3 thoughts on “Ocean Yearning

  1. That was truly beautiful. It resonated with my own feelings about the sea and my longing for the soul-washing waves. I love the mountains and beauty that Colorado has to offer, but there is something sacred about the ocean that nothing can match. Thank you for posting that – it changed my day.

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