Consumed by Fire and Rising

My soul was forged in the fires of life, then reformed, reshaped and renewed in the furnace of this past year. In fact, I was consumed and inspired as I walked through the dark flaming  gauntlet of my fears and illusions.  And now I find myself rising from the ashes of secret spaces and lies that hid my true courage and wisdom. Like a glorious phoenix, resplendent with inspiring hues and tints and shades that I had been too blind to see, I am taking flight on the wings of my soul.

              This year has been a house of mirrors, sending me in circles of fear and anxiety, grief and relief, and at times joyful celebration. Every twist and turn sent me reeling, wondering if there was a path forward, or if this was the year that would turn me to dust. Instead this has been the year that melted away a shell I had outgrown, much like an old skin that was too tight for comfort. I emerged into a wild whispering wind that teased and laughed as it pulled me away from the ashes of pain and sadness, inviting me to dance into my own light.

              What a miraculous relief, what an inspirational transformation, what a blessed gift in the midst of storms of despair. In the darkest night I found the brightest flame and the most sterling stars.

1 thought on “Consumed by Fire and Rising

  1. This is fabulous. And so timely for our world.

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