Light your candle

Brilliant stars call to the fire in my soul during the long dark nights before the solstice. This year every candle, every holiday light, every star and planet and asteroid in the sky are more precious and significant. The solstice, marking the shift from darkness to light, will be momentous in this year of shadowy fear and anger and pain. I imagine the light of the stars eloquently dancing with the light of the Chanukah candles, spiraling and swirling around as they illuminate my heart.

For eight nights I light the Chanukah candles honoring a miracle embedded in my DNA, a memory I can almost touch, yet did not live. And from a place of inner darkness my heart cracks open releasing the radiance of my turquoise soul-flame to join with the spiritual light of the season. And then I realize the truth about this life. When I courageously embrace my soul’s craving by fully living and loving every moment, by walking with gratitude and grace, I become the candle that illuminates the darkness in the world.

That is it, the secret to finding our passion and life mission, our meaning and purpose, the secret to manifesting the life we crave.

This year I wish for you the wisdom to acknowledge your light, the courage to open your heart, and the joy of letting your soul’s journey shine on the faces of those around you.

2 thoughts on “Light your candle

  1. Happy Chanukah Elisa! Chanukah is not just a festival of lights and dedication; it is also a festival of love, happiness, and blessings. May you get all of these this season and all year. Keep up the insightful posts.

  2. True and so well said. The Solstice is so significant to the earth, and metaphorically to the cycle of our own life.

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