Choose to adjust your Sails

We do not control the wind, but can always choose how we adjust our sails.

At sunrise I turned the page on a year that was full of opportunities and challenges, of beginnings and endings, of gains and losses. Just like any other year, last year launched with visions of wonder, hopes and dreams, and a sense that everything will be different with the turning of a calendar page. Instead of leaving my nightmares, wrong turns, and inner demons behind, I meet each of them on the road. One sunset did not change my life, it only made me more aware that time is passing and my dreams are waiting.

I learned to love a life that is fleeting, unpredictable and  uncontrollable. I learned to laugh as the winds quartered and blew me off my planned course. I dreamed of dancing with the ocean as I watched others try to control her tides. There has never been a smooth path leading to a fabled city of gold. But I have always had the opportunity to adjust my sails and choose a different journey.

Each moment we have a chance to embrace happiness, leaving behind our past regrets and wounds, as well as our fears of the future. And so I have decided with each step on the unpredictable road before me I will choose hope over fear, gratitude over despair, commitment over abandonment, and love over regret.

What will you choose?

2 thoughts on “Choose to adjust your Sails

  1. Wonderful Article, and so timely.

    1. Thank you!

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