Existential Tide Pools

This year I have wandered through existential tide pools, caught in emotional whirls and swirls, searching for treasure in the sand, while trying to avoid sea urchin spines and hidden crabs. When the water rises I am filled with a confusing blend of craving and reticence, and a yearning for comforting words, even though declarations and promises have failed me in the past.

And off my mind wanders into dangerous flood waters, sure that my mutineer spirit should just set sail alone, exploring empty seas under lonely starlight, free from confusing desires. Perhaps my answers will  be found when I slip into warm waters, grow a tail of fins and scales, and swim far from tempting shores. Will wild freedom suffice, supplanting a hunger for passion and meaning with a satiated thirst for an untamed life? 

And yet, if I am authentically present, the tides around me will intermingle in a dance of wisdom and passion, showing me a life that does not require abandoning dreams and longings. It is time to answer the seductive song of the changing tides, rejoicing in both the swell and chop of the waves, embracing the infinite moment that lies between hopes and fears.

Let me know your thoughts!

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