Words seeking Words

It is terrifying to send my words out into the world unaccompanied and unguarded to be read or ignored, embraced or rejected, inhaled or impaled. There is an ominous silence following their releases, as I wait in the vacuum of empty time for anyone to respond. Did my words make someone ponder or wonder, yearn or crave?  Perhaps they will ignite a renaissance in someone’s soul or inspire them to live on the loose. Or perhaps the echoing silence reflects  disdain from someone who only glanced at the words and  moved on.

My writing bares my inner life for public examination, leaving me standing naked cradling my shimmering words, hoping that they shine in someone’s heart. I rejoice over each short response, each encouraging phrase or note of gratitude, though I wonder why there is so much silence, and at times rejection.

Does my honesty intimidate the hearts of others, challenging them to explore their deepest hidden secrets? Or, as I have often found, do they want to pull me back to the safety of the those who hoard their rough drafts, jealous of those who brazenly find their voice. Are they intent on fencing me into their storyline, challenging my dangerous style Or perhaps my words gently seduce each reader into their own mysterious place of knowing, a place that defies reply.

4 thoughts on “Words seeking Words

  1. Anthony Moreno March 1, 2021 — 6:14 am

    Personally, I love your words, and I should probably comment more often. Words carry their own power and their own life. Words have the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble, And, yes to love. Each of us can choose to use this natural force constructively, or destructively. You create imagery and provoke thought which is good for us all. No, you do not intimidate, rather you inspire.

    1. Thank you Anthony! I so very much appreciate your comments.

  2. As a writer, this blog resonates so strongly with me. Words have power, and you use yours to enlighten the world.

  3. Words seeking words is a blog that (like all your writings) courageously bares your feelings and thoughts and expresses them so eloquently. I’ve wondered whether you can tell if someone (like me) visits but doesn’t comment. I hoped that there was some footprint left that translated to a “thank you” or “well done” as I always find something that hits home or is simply a pleasure to read. This time I thought there is really no excuse for not responding with “words in kind” so you would know.

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