Choose Happiness

Today I made the difficult decision to choose happiness. Given the crazy nature of extremists from all sides, of liars and fakers, of conspirators and abusers, this was a challenge. And yet, as inconceivable as it seems, it is the wise way forward.

 I was born in the dark of night, with a wild passion to fill my sails with the winds of adventure and possibility. And yet somehow I succumbed to the heavy judgments that surrounded me, sacrificing my yearnings in exchange for empty promises. And yet, I am wired to find the pathway into a joyful future, to cross narrow bridges and embrace the glorious darkness that reveals the light. My soul dances to the echoes of prayers hidden deep in the rocks, and shares a mystical song with the ocean depths. Out of necessity I had put  my soul out on a long term lease, but never sold it. And now I have simultaneously reclaimed it and set it free.

We have always lived, as Charles Dickens said, in the best and worst of times, in an age of wisdom and an age of foolishness. We have always had the choice to face the world around us with anger and fear, or a sense of hope and joy. I abdicate my role as the carrier of sorrow, the holder of wounds, and the beneficiary of anger. Today I choose to follow my soul into the darkness that is the light on a journey that transfixes my wild heart. Today I choose happiness.

Let me know your thoughts!

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