She of Untamed Hair

She of untamed hair and midnight walks along empty shores, of sinuous canyon roads and unknown places, where have you been hiding? In a mountain cave, safe from attempts to modify, modulate and restrain your wildness? It is safe my darling dark woman. The enforcers of recriminations and judgments have been banished from your life. Your heart will not be shredded by emotional coups or angry interrogations. Come out and embrace your path without fear or apology.

You were not made to blend softly into this world, rather to dance in the warm winds that swirl through craving souls, laughing and rejoicing in a life lived on the loose. Let others watch you with astonishment and awe, yearning for the wild way you joyfully twirl down hidden sunlit paths. rejoicing. Or perhaps the world sees you as untamable and unpredictable, a rebel who follows her own distant dark star, swaying to a song only you can hear.

So few people know this part of you,  the way you soar in the darkest times, find ways around mountains, cross narrow bridges and walk into challenges with laughter. But you know that this is who you are at your core as you emerge from your silent cave. Welcome back dark woman into your own brilliant life.

1 thought on “She of Untamed Hair

  1. Anthony Moreno May 24, 2021 — 3:28 am

    The title of your post reminded me of this quote by Martin Luther, “The hair is the richest ornament of women.”

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