Open heart

I am not sure what happened, but this morning my heart is suddenly open, which felt shocking because I did not know it was closed. Perhaps it is the longer days ending in a glorious twilight, or the warmth that replaced the cold, or the wild storms that quenched the parched ground. Possibly it is the numerous dragonflies that swarmed the trail calling my heart to join them on their four-winged flight. Maybe it was that powerful acupuncture treatment. Or maybe it is just time to welcome life and love into my life.                                        

The past year has cracked and broken so many of us, and yet, it is said that the breaks in our hearts are where love and light and even G-d enters. Perhaps I finally let myself accept and embrace my own wounds without shame or guilt. 
My Life on the Loose journey is one of switchbacks on steep trails, of sailing into wild winds and hoping that I can tack my small ship, of wandering through nightmare landscapes and crossing narrow bridges. Sometimes I wonder if I am lost, or profoundly found, a coward or amazingly courageous.

Perhaps there is no answer, just a joyful experience of being fully alive as I listen to the song of a loving heart beating near mine. 

Let me know your thoughts!

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