Paths of Remembrance

This is the week between the holiest days in the Jewish year, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the celebration of the new year and the Day of At-one-ment that leads to Teshuva, a return to the sacred.  These are the days that challenge us to remember the year with complete honesty, dropping our personal illusions and denials.  Who have we been, what have we done, and what consequences did we reject or accept? It is this sacred time of honesty when we can choose to return to our commitment with our spiritual core, with G-d, and with ourselves.

What a perfect time for this as we enter the autumn of a year of challenges, that sits on the adversity of the prior year, with five major planets and Chiron, the asteroid of our wound, all retrograde. All the paths around us lead to remembrance even when we are oh so weary and life’s load feels simultaneously profane and  profound. This might not be the ‘official’ astrological interpretation, but somehow it resonates with the world’s energy.

The planets, like ancient friends, are silently holding space for us to return to ourselves, to re-embrace our soul’s journey. Pluto creates the space for transformation, while Chiron challenges us to embrace the power of our wound. Saturn asks what we wish to conserve while Uranus whispers memories of wild independence. Neptune holds up the mirror of our past dreams and longings, while Jupiter reminds us to reach beyond any self imposed limits.

Together they ask us to return to our inner truth, away from the illusions of fear and scarcity and danger that distract us from our soul’s craving. And yet, in the end, it is up to us to choose to travel inward to the world of blessings and miracles.

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  1. Love this. So timely for our world now.

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