Dance of Chaos and Harmony

This year has been a dance on a narrow bridge between the perceived safety of righteous certainty and the seductive abyss of the unknown. The wild swirl of fear and exultation, reticence and courage is exhausting, and at times my only wish is to walk in whirling eddies of ocean tides. Dickens was right when he penned “it was the best of times and the worst of times” but did not add that we always stand in the cleft between the two.

This is the place of paradox that is both frightening and compelling. Knowing the future sounds reassuring, even though it is clear that the future is fluid and always in motion. Ambiguity is full of hope and creativity, and yet also indistinct and vague. I stand in between them on the narrow rocking bridge listening to taunting calls from the top of each cliff, like the sound of owls screeching in the darkest night, knowing that I must forge my own way.

And in a sudden silence I hear a still small voice calling to me, reminding me that life requires both stability and volatility. It is in this shining blend of chaos and harmony that our souls were forged and gifted with deep awareness and wisdom. We are not meant to cling to either security or elusiveness, for they are twins who are meant to soar hand in hand.

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