Life on the Loose

What is life on the Loose? It is awakening our inner sleeper, the dynamic creative force that longs for a true experience of life. It is heeding our desire to live with passion, to embrace and be engulfed by our creative energy. Life on the Loose is the embracement of our personal relationship with the universe, measured only by the depth to which it resonates with our true self.

We stop looking for the meaning of life, and dive into an authentic life experience that resonates with our soul’s craving. It is this personal experience that opens our heart as we embrace our own depth of emotion, freeing ourselves from mindless quotidian routines. Daily encounters become synchronistic messages as we place ourselves into the center of our personal story.

I have chosen a life on the loose, knowing that the way before me is un-mapped and un-trodden. My answers will not be found in personality tests, career inventories, or workshops on how to define, delineate, or market courses on my journey. I am learning to listen to my inner feelings and voice, to watch for guiding sparks in the dark and to trust my ancient dreams. At times I do not know where I am, or even where I am going, but I trust the journey will be passionate and sublime, and at times terrifying.

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  1. Thank you for this❣️

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