Choose Freedom

The brilliant blue sky was almost blinding as I glided off the ski lift on glittering white snow. It was mid-week at a small ski area, and when I turned onto the run I found myself alone in a profound silence broken only by the sound of a soft wind in the pine trees. The mountain was wide open and empty before me.

For the past few days I had felt trapped in an inner narrow restrictive place, one I wished to escape from but was not sure how. I yearned for a different type of freedom, one that is so beautiful that it would leave me breathless. And I knew the only way out was by diving deep through the ocean of my fears.

It is no coincidence that this is the week leading to Passover, the Jewish celebration of leaving the narrowness of slavery and walking into the wide expanse of freedom. We are asked each year to leave our inner prison and walk through the terrifying waters that open before us, into a new reality of boundless opportunities. Freedom looks beautiful, but the limitless sky can overwhelm us, making us wonder if is better to stay and stagnate than it is to transform.

How many of us are willing to walk away from old ways that do not serve us, to walk through the liquid tunnel of our fears? The empty silent mountain was joyfully seducing me to do just that, to spiral once again from limits to dancing to my own song, my own rhythm, one full of tears and laughter and wonder.  

1 thought on “Choose Freedom

  1. Lovely. Yes, freedom is tempting but also can be overwhelming and scary. Thanks for encouraging me to take the leap. Happy Pesach!

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