What Legacy?

This year, like so many, I have attended funerals and celebrations of life, (some virtual, some in person). And as always I leave wondering what people might say about me at my death, or if anyone will notice. Or worse, will people only remember that I was always trying to lose a few pounds. I do not expect to leave a legacy, or even a significant mark on the world, but I would love to know that I at least left a colorful smudge.

How do I accomplish leaving a brilliant shadow when so much time has passed? For so many years I had to hide some of my wildness behind a sheen of professionalism to build security. I honestly do not know if people will remember me as compassionate or loving or memorable in a positive way. I was not larger than life, or passionately involved with changing the world, or trained to save lives. And I fear that my quiet good deeds are forgotten and acts of courage have faded into mist.

But I have not yet faded away or turned to rust, and still have words to write and speak, stories to tell, and fires to light. And that is how I hope I am remembered, as one who ignites flames of inspiration, who crosses narrow bridges, and always finds a way out of the darkness. With any luck I will be remembered as  person who inspired and encouraged and believed in those around me.

Or perhaps I will leave this world with a whisper of laughter on the wind. Not a memory or a story, but a haunting melody enticing people to approach life with a sense of wonder. Like a wickedly loving spirit that leans over your shoulder and says “there is always a way,” seducing you into your own life. Just like the voices that have always called to me.  

3 thoughts on “What Legacy?

  1. You are an igniter of inspiration, creativity and love.

  2. This is so poignant and beautifully written. And those within your private circle will remember significant things about you. Your elusive wild spirit, your resiliency, your creative mind and brilliant intellect. Your generosity and your accountability to leave the Earth a better place.

  3. Anthony Moreno April 4, 2022 — 5:28 pm

    What is a legacy? According to my father, one of his brothers, and my grandfather, everyone must leave something behind when he dies. My father and uncle said, a child, or a book, or a painting, or a house or a wall built, or something handmade…It doesn’t matter what you do, they said, so long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something that’s like you after. So make sure it is for the better! Looking back over my life I think a legacy is like planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. Almost eight years ago I planted some acorns and just assumed they died because nothing ever sprouted. This year it looks like I may have some new trees! What a metaphor for life.

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